Students of the fifth year of Dental Medicine held a workshop for the students of Višnjevac elementary school

For several years, our students have been visiting the lower grades of elementary school as part of the Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry course to raise awareness of prevention and the importance of oral health.

This year, 5th year students of the Integrated undergraduate and graduate university study programme of Dental medicine, who visited Višnjevac Elementary School participated in the field study. First and second grade students participated in the interactive lesson and showed an enviable knowledge of oral hygiene compliance, frequency of dental visits and unhealthy foods and drinks that affect oral health. The students were given a short presentation on the importance of oral hygiene and the factors that influence dental health. A jaw model was used to demonstrate the correct technique for brushing teeth. Our future doctors of dental medicine answered the students' questions and handed out promotional material (brushes and toothpaste, brochures and colouring books).

The aim of such visits to elementary school is to combine studies with the needs of the local community in the form of oral health promotion.

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