AAI@EduHr i e-pošta

AAI@EduHr is the Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure of science and higher education in the Republic of Croatia. The AAI @EduHr system was technically realized using distributed LDAP directories. Each institution from the Registry of Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of Republic of Croatia, which is included in the AAI@EduHr system as a parent institution, has its own LDAP directory which stores the electronic identities of users from that institution.

What does AAI@EduHr offer (why is it important)?

  • for users, individuals: simple, safe and reliable use of all resources in the AAI@EduHr system with the help of a unique electronic identity acquired from the home institution
  • for home institutions (providers of electronic identity): safe, reliable and efficient management of electronic identities of their employees, associates and students for whom the use of various networks and network resources is significantly facilitated, with minimal administration
  • for service (resource) providers: greater availability and visibility of service with simplified administration and a standardized process of authenticating and authorizing users.

The electronic identity in the AAI @EduHr system is a set of individual data used for authentication and authorisation of users when accessing network resources in the AAI @EduHr system.

With AAI @EduHr user data you can also log in to your e-mail account provided by the Faculty. When logging on to a web interface, the user tag should be entered without the "@fdmz.hr" suffix.

Electronic identities in the AAI @EduHr system are used for connections to the Internet in student dormitories (StuDOM), use of CARNet Mobile services, on-LINE applications to University Computing Centre, University of Zagreb (SRCE) courses, registrations to courses within the framework of CARNetEdupoint program, etc., and, in the near future, to authenticate users for access to the wireless network of faculties.

The user tag format is tag_user@tag_institution.hr

This type of tag complies with international standards. It is important to note that although the form is similar to the e-mail address, the user's electronic identity tag should not be confused or associated with his e-mail address. Despite the similarity, AAI @EduHr user identity and user e-mail address are different things that use different software support (the most important detail is that they use different authentication systems on the server).

Users who have an electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system are also enabled to use the Eduroam service. This service enables users to access the Internet in different places in Croatia and Europe by means of their electronic identity.

Your password needs to be changed periodically on the following link: https://www.fdmz.hr/ldap

The interface is in Croatian. Select “Update Data (for users)”, use your AAI@EduHr user tags to log in. After you sign in, you have the possibility to change passwords and certain personal information.

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