Board of Deans

  • Professor Aleksandar Včev
  • phone: +385-31-399-600
  • e-mail: aleksandar.vcev[at]

Vice dean for classes and students
  • Professor Branko Dmitrović
  • phone: +385-31-399-600
  • e-mail: branko.dmitrovic[at]

Vice dean for teaching base relations
  • Assistant Professor Štefica Mikšić
  • phone: +385-31-399-600
  • e-mail: stefica.miksic[at]

Vice dean for science and postgraduate studies
  • Professor Martina Smolić
  • phone: +385-31-399-600
  • e-mail: martina.smolic[at]

Vice dean for inter-institutional collaboration and development​
  • Associate Professor Ivan Miloloža
  • phone: +385-31-399-600
  • e-mail: ivan.miloloza[at]

Category I Continuing Medical Education Course: REHABILITATION IN CLINICAL MEDICINE - Cardiovascular Rehabilitation


1st postgraduate course of continuous medical training of the 1st category “Sport and heart”


Expression of Healthcare Professionals at Scientific Professional Meetings and Publications


Contemporary Nursing: History as a Foundation, Theory as a Source, Education as a Path, Quality as an Obligation, Science as a Truth


Nursing Education and Science (NES)

Scientific-professional Journal