Science festival

The 17th Science Festival was marked in Orahovica from 8 to 13 April 2019. Physiotherapy Students combined their knowledge and skills with colors in an interesting way and for the second year in a row prepared a poster presentation for the citizens of Orahovica and other students. Fourth-year student Arijan Voldin gave a lecture on "How Do Colors Cure?" and introduced a holistic method of treatment, chromotherapy. Mary Reili, a third-year student in her poster presentation "Is Your Red Equal to My Red?" talked about the subjective experience of seeing colors and vision disorders. Nikolina Bočkaj, a third-year student, presented the topic "A Look through Two Colors" and introduced the audience to heterochromia. Teaching/research assistants working in Orahovica also joined the Science Festival, thus further enriching the program through poster presentations and workshops. Ivan Perić, MSK combined his knowledge of kinesiology with colors and presented a poster on the topic of “Types of Muscle Fibers”. The end of the festival was marked by a sports workshop by Toni Josić, MSK who gave a lecture to second-grade pupils of the Elementary School Ivana Brlić - Mažuranić in Orahovica as part of sports activities on the topic "Colors of Our Muscles".

On April 9th and 10th 2019, at the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health Osijek in Church street 21, the following workshops were held: "Numbers in Colors" led by Robert Mujkić and colleagues Ivana Lovrić and Anđela Grgić, "50 Shades of White" led by Marija Pejakić and colleagues Marko Aleksijević, Marko Babić, Luka Ostojić, Sanja Kirsch, Marko Matijević and Marinko Žulj, followed by a workshop entitled "Who Has Pink Teeth?" by Marija Samardžić and her colleague Jasminka Talapko and, finally, a lecture entitled "Color of Life" by Svjetlana Marić. In addition to workshops and lectures, student posters were also exhibited at the Faculty.

On April 10, 2019, two lectures: "With Colors towards the Health" by Mirjana Kralj Vasilj, Brankica Juranić, Kasandra Musović and "Colors of Human Perception" by Štefica Mikšić and student Željko Mudrog were held at the Medical School Osijek to the fourth-grade students.

Posters titled "Colors in Medical Terminology in English" by Lorna Dubac Nemet, Ivana Barać and Ksenija Benčina and "Do Colors Affect Human Emotions and Behavior" by Ivana Barać, Lorna Dubac Nemet, Nikolina Farčić and Suzana Kovačević are also on display at the Faculty at the address Car Hadrijan street 10E, Osijek.

The colors showed the true beauty and art of living and left all visitors and lecturers a fond memory of the 2019 Science Festival.

List of participants and topics:

Science Festival, April 8-13, 2019



"Do Colors Affect a Person's Emotions and Behavior?"

Ivana Barać, Lorna Dubac Nemet, Nikolina Farčić, Suzana Kovačević


"Colors of Life"

Svjetlana Marić


"Black and White World of Dental Genetics"

Ivana Škrlec, Svjetlana Marić


"Black and White Caries"

Martina Kon, Dominika Razumović, Marko Matijević, Marija Pejakić, Zeljka Perić Kačarević


"White, Whiter, the Whitest"

Marko Aleksijević, Marko Babić, Luka Ostojić, Krešimir Petak, Marko Matijević, Marija Pejakić, Aleksandar Včev


"50 Shades of White"

Marija Pejakić, Marko Aleksijević, Marko Babić, Luka Ostojić, Sanja Kirsch, Marko Matijević, Marinko Žulj


"Secrets of Pearly White Teeth"

Ingrid Kovačević, Ana Vrljić, Tea Đukic, Karlo Komljenović, Marko Matijević, Zrinka Ivanišević, Marija Pejakić


"The Colors of Our Muscles"

Toni Josić, Anđela Grgić, Ivan Perić


"Colors in Medical Terminology in English"

Lorna Dubac Nemet, Ivana Barać, Ksenija Benčina


"Is Your Red Equal To My Red?"

Mary Reili, Lucia Kuna, Jelena Jakab, Aleksandar Včev


"How Do Colors Cure?"

Arijan Voldin, Jelena Jakab, Nikola Volarić, Aleksandar Včev


"A Look Through Two Colors"

Nikolina Bočkaj, Marinko Žulj, Marko Boban, Aleksandar Včev


"Types of Muscle Fibers"

Ivan Perić


"Colorful Smile"

Lucija Kuna, Martina Pranjić, Marina Bešlić


"Colored Numbers"

Robert Mujkić, Ivana Lovrić, Anđela Grgić


"Colors to Health"

Mirjana Kralj-Vasilj, Brankica Juranić, Kasandra Musović


"Colors of Human Perception"

Stefica Mikšić, Željko Mudri


"Who Has Pink Teeth?"

Jasminka Talapko, Marija Samardžić

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