Science Committee

The Science Committee is the body that organizes and maintains the system of support for research activities of employees and the transfer of knowledge and technology. The Committee also cooperates with the offices of the University of Osijek and agencies and ministries responsible for project implementation, provides information on tenders for research funding and development projects, collects project proposals, administratively monitors contracted projects, informs project managers and project associates about the rules. procedures and documents necessary for the implementation of projects, provides assistance in compiling financial reports for projects and organizes the receipt and sending of reports on project work.

The members of the Committee on Science appointed by the Faculty Council for a term of four years:

1. Assoc. Prof. Martina Smolić, chair

2. Assoc. Prof. Igor Filipčić, Ph.D.

3. Assoc. Prof. Blaženka Miškić, Ph.D.

4. Assoc. Prof. Marko Boban, Ph.D.

5. Assoc. Prof. Ana Stupin, Ph.D.

Although there is a noticeable trend of increasing the number of papers in the highest category journals, the Faculty continues to undertake activities to improve the scientific productivity of teachers. The Faculty encourages the publication of scientific papers, books, project management and staff training by financing on an annual basis from its own resources through the Regulations of the Science Fund.

The mission of the Science Committee is to increase awareness of the importance of international and domestic scientific research and professional projects, strengthen the position of the Faculty in improving health strategies and health projects and provide advisory, administrative and technical support to teaching and non-teaching staff in project preparation, writing and implementation. In addition to the above, the scope of work of the Committee for Science is to find sources of funding and encourage the transfer of knowledge and technologies developed at the Faculty to the economy and the public sector. The Science Committee encourages the establishment of research groups at the Faculty and their work on joint projects, as well as training for the application of research funded from various domestic and European sources.

Science Fund

At the initiative of the Committee for Science, by the Decision of the Faculty Council on January 22, 2019, the Science Fund at the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health Osijek was established.

The terms and conditions of using the funds of the Science Fund are determined by the Policy of the Science Fund on March 26, 2019, published on the website of the Faculty:

The Fund is managed by the Dean of the Faculty with the assistance of the Vice Dean for Science and Postgraduate Studies and the Vice Dean for Interinstitutional Cooperation and Development, who submit a report on the work of the Fund within the report on the annual work report.

The fund is financed:

- from Faculty's own funds

- from funds for multi-year institutional financing of scientific activity,

- from donations and other sources of funding, if it is not in conflict with the Law or the Statute of the Faculty.

As far as the promotion of scientific excellence is concerned, every teacher has at his disposal a Science Fund whose funds are intended for the purchase of statistical tools for staff, support for the scientific papers being published in journals indexed in the WOS database of which the first author is a young researcher, payment of membership fees in international associations, holding incoming and outgoing invited lectures, promotion of the Faculty at international scientific conferences, attending work meetings for project development. It also funds published competitions: for institutional scientific projects and for the best scientific research work of students, young scientists and senior scientists.

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