Public procurement

Pursuant to article 76 of the Act on Public Procurement (Official Gazette Nr. 120/16), I hereby declare that I do not execute any managing businesses, nor am I the owner of business shares, stocks, i.e. other rights on the grounds of which one would participate in management, i.e. in the funds of any economic agent with more than 0,5%, therefore there are no economic agents with whom the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health Osijek of the University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek, as a client, cannot conclude a contract on public procurement pursuant to article 76 of the Act. 


Prof. Aleksandar Včev, PhD

Guidelines on procuring goods and services

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Documents of the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health
Preliminary consulting with interested economic agents:

Equipment for the Clinical skills room for dental medicine at the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health Osijek

Preliminary consulting was open from 19th October 2018 until 25th October 2018

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