General student notices

The state graduation exam is a mandatory final written exam that comprehensive school students take at the end of their high-school education. The obligation to take a state graduation exam will be imposed from the school year 2009/2010 imposed on comprehensive school students, while applicants who have completed vocational high-schools take a state graduation exam only if they plan to continue their education at one of the higher education institutions. Applicants who have completed vocational high-schools whose secondary education lasts from one to three and a half years are obliged to write and defend the final thesis organised and conducted by the school at the end of their secondary education. With a passed state graduation exam, applicants from comprehensive schools gain secondary school qualifications, whereas students of vocational and art schools receive secondary vocational qualifications.

On the basis of the results of the state graduation exam, the knowledge of each individual applicant is assessed objectively and impartially, thus achieving a comparable assessment of all applicants in the Republic of Croatia, which enables a fairer approach to continuing education as well as employment. The state graduation exam is conducted throughout Croatia on the same day, at the same time and under the same conditions and criteria for all applicants. The manner of organising and conducting a state graduation exam is strictly defined and does not allow inappropriate behaviour. The state graduation exam consists of a compulsory and elective part. Exams from the compulsory part of the state graduation exam may be taken at two levels; A – higher and B – basic. Three compulsory courses and elective courses are taken as desired.

The state graduation exam gives each applicant an opportunity to show their actual knowledge, which is not related to the assessments and attitudes of any particular professor. In addition, it enables a clear comparison of the performance of particular schools and even individual professors.
By passing the state graduation exam, applicants develop the knowledge and awareness that success in school depends on occupation, work and learning, and not on other criteria. The state graduation exam is introduced with the aim of more reliable, objective and fair measuring of the school achievements of each individual student, and defining national standards.

The introduction of a state graduation exam will improve and ensure the quality of education, and another goal is to replace the entrance exams at higher education institutions with the state graduation exam In other words, after successfully passing the state graduation exam, it will not be necessary to go through the stressful period of preparation for taking the entrance exams at faculties, nor to pass the entrance exam itself. In this way, a fairer selection of candidates for enrolment into the faculty is ensured, as all are given equal opportunities.


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