Department of Biophysics, Biology and Chemistry

Within the courses taught at the Department of Biophysics, Biology and Chemistry, students acquire knowledge and skills in the field of biology and chemistry, which are a necessary basis for understanding complex processes within the human body, and are the basis for understanding various problems underlying diagnostic issues. and treatment in the field of dental medicine.

Within the course Medical Biology, students are introduced to the basic principles and concepts of modern biological science, which are necessary to understand the mechanisms underlying the functioning of the human body. In addition to acquiring knowledge about the molecular basis of biological processes in the cell and genetic mechanisms, genomics and proteomics, students are also trained to think critically about the acquired knowledge, which is the basis for understanding other areas of dentistry, primarily histology and anatomy.

Within the course Medical Chemistry, students acquire knowledge in the field of chemistry, with an emphasis on chemical processes in the oral cavity. Students acquire knowledge about the chemical structure of biomolecules, and energy, chemical changes in their transformation, which simultaneously allows integration with the knowledge of biological science, and understanding the processes and mechanisms of metabolic control, necessary for understanding physiology and pharmacology.

Within the course Basics of Research (Undergraduate University Study of Physiotherapy Orahovica) students gain knowledge about statistical arguments and estimates, and the use of informatics, because in modern conditions of medical sciences, including physiotherapy, professional approach should be upgraded and scientific approach to the profession. Namely, in modern medicine, the professional roles of physiotherapists are the role of educators, clinicians and researchers, because evidence-based medicine, including physiotherapy, can only be understood by applying science and technology.

Within the Department of Biology and Chemistry, the Department of Biology was established, which includes two laboratories: the Laboratory for Histology, Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology, and the Laboratory for Andrology and Biology of Human Reproduction.

Within the course Medical Physics and Biophysics in the studies of dental medicine, physiotherapy and nursing, students are introduced to the basic settings and concepts of physics, which are necessary for understanding the mechanisms underlying the functioning of the human body and the methods used in the biomedical sciences. This knowledge forms the basis for understanding other areas of dental medicine, primarily histology and anatomy.

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The research areas of the Department of Biology are focused on:

  • basic research in the field of biomedicine and health
  • histological studies on animal and human models
  • research in the field of molecular genetics
  • studying the issue of human reproduction
  • research in the field of andrology

Head of department

Professor Dario Faj, Ph.D.

Teachers and associates

Professor Vera Cesar Lepeduš, Ph.D.
Professor Svjetlana Marić, Ph.D.

Professor Berislav Marković, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Andrea Milostić-Srb, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Ivana Škrlec, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Hrvoje Brkić, Ph.D.
Lecturer Ivana Krpan
Lecturer Nevija Brstilo

Teaching Assistant Marija Hefer

External collaborators

Assistant Professor Mladen Kasabašić, Ph.D.
Senior Assistant Ana Ivković, Ph.D.
Teaching Assistant Jelena Brdarić
Teaching Assistant Nikolina Filipović
Teaching Assistant Jelena Šarić
Teaching Assistant Ivan Sirovica

Teaching Assistant Andreja Vukoja

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