Erasmus mundus project „Design and Implementation of Master Degree in Palliative Care“

Project number: 101050613

Project name: Design and Implementation of Master Degree in Palliative Care

Project acronym: DSGN-PALL-CARE


Project duration: 15 months (1.2.2022. – 30.4.2023.)



Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health (Osijek, CRO)

University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences (Maribor, SLO) 

University of Sarajevo (Sarajevo, BiH)


Project summary

The Design and Implementation of Master Degree in Palliative Care project aims to strengthen the capacities of partnering organisations to provide state-of-the-art transnational education and training practices in palliative care, answering the growing need for palliative care providers and raising the awareness on the importance and necessity of palliative care among the general public in the EU and wider. The project is implemented by three higher education institutions: the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health Osijek (Croatia), University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences (Slovenia) and University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). With the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health Osijek as the project coordinator, the partners will design and develop a fully integrated and sustainable joint Master study programme in palliative care proposal. Given the rising need for palliative care services, there is also a growing need for highly educated professionals who will provide those services. As Master level university education in palliative care is available in few countries, the project will explore the best practices and innovations abroad and encourage students to seize the mobility opportunities. It will allow the partners to identify the need to improve the knowledge and competencies of teaching staff for the development, implementation and continuous improvement of learning by working in order to acquire the necessary competencies during the 15 months of project implementation and allow their further development after the project ends. The partners will exchange knowledge and best practices through regular communication, meetings and a study visit. The joint Master programme proposal in palliative care, which will fully comply with the requirements of the EHEA, will enable the partnering organisations to set the ground for an innovative approach to teaching, learning and training and set the ground for a future joint Master programme in palliative care. 

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