Apply knowledge, skills and develop independence and accountability for health care: evaluating patient’s condition, establishing patient’s needs, compiling plans for treatment, interventions and nursing care.

The course includes application of gained knowledge and skills that were covered by the courses: Basics of health care and Process of health care.

Work organisation and planning of nursing care 

Admission, discharge, transfer of patient

Preparation of space, equipment, utensils and material for conduction of nursing procedures 

Evaluation of patient’s condition 

Establishing patient’s needs and difficulties 

Conducting interventions aimed towards solving problems 

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Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. apply infection prevention measures and safety rules at work - to work safely;

2. apply ethical principles and communication skills to the patient, his family, members of the health care team and other staff;

3. apply nursing procedures independently and / or in a professional team in accordance with the principles, standards and legal regulations;

4. carry out the nursing process; assessment of health care needs, goal setting, plan development and implementation of procedures, and evaluation taking into account individuality, holistic approach and partnership with the patient;

5. use nursing documentation;

6. carry out prescribed diagnostic and therapeutic procedures independently and / or in a professional team under supervision;

7. take responsibility for the implementation of the health care process in accordance with the principles, standards and legal regulations.

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