Get students acquainted with the origin, identification, diagnostics, treatment and possible consequences of neurological illnesses and conditions.

Knowledge of the leading neurological issues of the Croatian population (according to epidemiological data), possibility of successful prevention and handling emergencies in which postponing necessary health care would endanger the life, quality of life or would cause disability of a patient.

Due to understanding the neurological level of disorder, give importance to organisation and function of central and peripheral nervous system. Highlight the position, role and importance of a senior nurse and technician in regards to raising efficiency and quality of successful treatment.

Causes of neurological diseases, lifestyle habits, risky factors and how to prevent them.

Diagnostics of neurological diseases, disorders and conditions, especially in the domain of a senior nurse and technician.

Diagnostic equipment and techniques. 

Neurological diseases as one of the leading causes of death in Croatia and Europe.

Emergencies in neurology.

Other neurological diseases.

Methods of treatment and application of medication in neurology.

Neurology andother fields.

Proportion of accidents at work and professional diseasesin neurological disorders.

Obavezna literatura:

1. Bučuk, M., Tuškan-Mohar, L.: Neurologija; za stručne studije, Medicinski fakultet, Rijeka 2012.


Dopunska literatura:

1. Demarin V., Trkanjec Z.: Neurologija, Medicinska naklada, Zagreb 2008.

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