Acquiring of knowledge, skills and independency, and responsibility for the health care process, assessment of patient’s/guardians’ state; assessment of needs, plan making and implementation of interventions and nursing care.

Definition of health care process according to phases

Definition of needs for health care

Sources and techniques for data collection

Types and contents of data, and devices for data collection

Analysis of collected data – diagnosis in process of health care

Planning of health care – priority ranking in process of health care

Goals definition in process of health care

Health care plan

Health care implementation – validations, analysis, and realisation 

Health care evaluation – evaluation of goal and plan

Discharge summary in health care process

Reduced self-care capacity 

High risk of stillness complications 

Reduced exertion capacity 

Urine incontinency 



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Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. analyze the definitions of the health care process with regard to the stages;

2. assess the patient's condition; 

3. determine the needs for health care; 

4. plan health care in accordance with the diagnosis in the process of health care; 

5. apply health care according to the standards of nursing interventions; 

6. document the health care process; 

7. evaluate health care; 

8. take responsibility for the implementation of the health care process in accordance with the principles, standards and legal regulations

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