The aim of this course is for the student of the study programme in nursing to acquire the foundation of knowledge and comprehension about the need to implement the preventive programme, the objective for which it is implemented, the manner of organisation, the way of financing, the purpose and the benefits of these programmes. Acquired and adopted knowledge about the meaning of the implementation of these programmes will enable the student to understand the functioning of health care and the importance of preventive programmes for the health system

The course includes information on the implementation of preventive programmes for early detection of cancer in the world community. Based on the National Strategy in the Republic of Croatia, the subject covers the following:


  • Epidemiology of breast, colon and cervical cancer. The frequency of occurrence of individual cancer in the world, in Croatia, morbidity, mortality, distribution of dependence on development, incidence and mortality trends.
  • Risk factors for each individual, as well as early and late symptoms of the disease
  • Objectives of the early detection programme, target groups, accurate patient access protocol, standardization of surgical and medical treatment.
  • Screening tests, methods of implementation, target groups, programme organisation, programme monitoring, assessment and evaluation of usefulness.
  • Ways of financing and implementing the aforementioned programmes.
  • Get an insight into the selection of those who will implement the programmes and centres that will evaluate the results and monitor the implementation.

Acquire an overall picture of the purpose of preventive programmes and their necessity.

Obavezna literatura:

  1. Ministarstvo zdravstva. Nacionalni preventivni programi:
  2. Nacionalni program ranog otkrivanja raka vrata maternice. Zagreb; 2010.

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