To show students terms and basic contents of health law. To familiarize students with work and organisation of professional chambers and basic criteria for legal responsibility of health care workers, rules, and obligations of health care workers in performing duties. To familiarize students with basic patients’ rights. To familiarize students with other fields of health and social regulations.

Term and content of health law, relationship to other health branches and principals of performing health duties

Health care term and term social care for health, health protection measures, levels of health profession, content and organisational forms of health profession, health care institutions 

Rights and obligations of health care workers in performing their duty (giving and taking help)

Relationship between health care workers and patients

Appeal of conscience

Professional secret

Recording obligation

Managing and archiving medical documentation

Secondary doctor choice

Inspection of doctors’ offices

Health care workers as witnesses and expert witnesses

Quality assurance in providing health care (Professional development; Professional inspection of health care workers’ work; Professional chambers)

Health care workers’ chambers (Obligation for joining the chamber); Exceptions from obligatory joining the Chamber; Public rights of the Chamber; Chamber duties; Chamber bodies; Chamber work inspection; Chamber cooperation with the Ministry responsible for health and other bodies; Chamber notification; General acts of Chamber – statue book; Financing of Chamber work; Mutual help fund; Membership payment and other financial obligations of the Chamber members)

Disciplinary responsibility of health care workers (Disciplinary violations; Severe and light disciplinary violation; Disciplinary bodies; Disciplinary measures; Fine; Starting of disciplinary procedure; Adequate law implementation; Aging; Violation responsibility, criminal liability, and civil liability

Basic patients’ rights

Obavezna literatura:

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Dopunska literatura:

1.    Podzakonski propisi i popisi autonomnog prava

2.    Kodeks medicinske etike i deontologije, NN, br. 55/05

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. recognize the basic concepts and essential elements of health law;
  2. interpret the basics of health law;
  3. identify the basic criteria of legal healthcare workers rights, responsibilities and obligattions;
  4. explain the evaluation of healthcare activities;

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