The course goal is to familiarise students with terms and issues relating to public health and enable them to apply and analyse public health issues and assess independently the causes and consequences. The aim of the course is to enable students to plan nursing procedures and measures in the field of public health independently.

Defining health and the health protection system, factors that impact health, enhancement and promotion of health, health care needs and demands, health status of the population and demographic features, health of individuals and the community, risk factors for health, health care economy, methods of social interventions in the field of social safety, unemployment and health care, social needs and social protection and self-protection, evaluation of the health status of the population, intervention throughout chronic diseases, planning and evaluating health protection, standards and norms, evaluation of work quality and professional monitoring, medical documentation, significance of screening programs, national programs for discovering malignant diseases.

Obavezna literatura:

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Dopunska literatura:

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