Acquiring knowledge about the characteristics of human psychological development in particular stages of life and noticing different patient needs in different stages of life.

Introduction to human development; development, health and disease; human development research methods; developmental theories; characteristics of particular development stages; genetic basis of development; prenatal development; prenatal environment; development in the first year of life; adaptation to extrauterine life, child growth and development, motor and perceptual development, cognitive development, personality and social development; early childhood development; physical, motor, cognitive, social and personality development; middle childhood development; physical, motor, cognitive, social and personality development; adolescent development; relationship between physical and psychological development; development of sexual characteristics, motor, cognitive and social development, personality development, problems of adolescence; development in early adulthood – physical, cognitive and social development, family, profession and professional development; development in middle adulthood - physical, cognitive, social and personality development, midlife crisis, family-related and professional changes; development in late adulthood, ageing and age of population and individuals, theories of ageing, changes in abilities, personality and ageing, social relationships, family, mental health, death and dying, models of social welfare and healthcare for elderly persons.

Assigned reading:

  1. Despot - Lučanin, J.: Uvod u razvojnu psihologiju, nastavni tekstovi


Further reading:

  1. Vasta, R., Haith, M. M. i Miller,: S. A. Dječja psihologija. Jastrebarsko: Naklada Slap.1998
  2. Schaie, K. W. i Willis, S. L.:Psihologija odrasle dobi i starenja. Jastrebarsko: Naklada Slap.2001

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